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I AM THAT I AM - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - DVD

I AM THAT I AM - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - DVD

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Rare footage of the great modern sage Nisargadatta Maharaj at home, answering seeker’s questions through an interpreter, just like the Talks from which the book I AM THAT were drawn. Hear him speak from direct experience, hammering at the concepts that kept seekers from understanding the true nature of their freedom. Narrated by psychologist Stephen Wolinsky, who also presents his own meditations.

"All you can teach is understanding, the rest comes on it's own."

The DVD is organized with 12 themes: The I Am, The Body, Consciousness, The Nothingness, Realization, Spirituality and Spiritual Paths, The Guru, The Void, Birth and Death, Cause and Effect, That One Substance, The Illusion.

The extra features section includes film of Nisargadatta taking a walk in Mumbai and giving a Talk at home.

"I Am, and beyond, into that One Substance from which all phenomena appear to arise."

Running Time: 150 minutes

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