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This is the first of three books edited by Jean Dunn, which are wholly taken from daily Talks given by Nisargadatta Maharaj at his Bombay apartment during 1979 and 1980. Books of this type have been prepared by other editors, all of whom used the same group of English translators, but Dunn (a disciple for many years) has selected the clearest talks, least burdened with technical Hindu pointers.

Maharaj addresses questions from seekers like:

  • How do I eradicate fear?
  • What is consciousness?
  • What are virtue and faith?
  • How should we move in the world?
  • What is eternal?

His answers are specific and timeless, personal and universal, clear and confounding, but always they point to a deeper examination of the “I AM”, of who we actually are. This book is well worth a careful reading.

For those who already feel drawn to Maharaj, there is a sweet introduction by Ramesh Balsekar, who in 10 pages describes Maharaj’s life and teaching.

Revised edition by Acorn Press 1990
Edited by Jean Dunn
Softcover 215 pages
ISBN 9780893860254

Excerpts from the book:

There have been a number of prophets, who have devised various religions according to their own ideas and concepts. These religions prescribe various codes of conduct: “Do this,” “Don’t do that.” With all these do’s and don’ts, is there any change in the basic instincts of people?

A Hindu throws a stone at a cow and the cow dies. Because of his religion, the Hindu thinks that he has committed a great sin. At the same time people of other religions slaughter a cow and eat the meat. To them there is no sin. The butcher and his family are quite happy, and well off too! They are not affected by sin. The Hindu will perform conventional acts to expiate his sin. Don’t go into the different conventional codes. Go to the root.

In an infinitesimal seed the whole tree is already present in a latent state; in due course it will grow and proliferate. This seed, this chemical, this beingness, contains the whole universe of yours. Ask questions from this beingness of yours and not from what you have heard or collected.

This beingness has its own latent qualities to manifest itself into this manifestation. How does it behave in the world? Through mechanical properties; it has its own mechanical way as to how it will perform in the world. These properties are latent in the chemical principle. Take a worm, or an insect, or a rate; they make their own holes to live in. Similarly, human beings work in their own fashion. From where does it spring?

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